Sutton and Langley


The parish of Sutton lies about three miles south of Macclesfield and falls naturally into three areas – Langley, Sutton Lane Ends and Lyme Green.  

Langley & Sutton are extremely picturesque villages with many fascinating landmarks, such as Teggs Nose and Ridgegate Reservoir.  There is a camaraderie atmosphere in both areas with many local events taking place.

The face of Sutton changed during the late 1960’s when a new housing estate was built.  The influx of new families necessitated the building of a new school to serve the three areas of the parish.  Old and new residents have combined amicably over the years, as is evident in the many thriving groups and activities which cater for all ages.


SchoolsLocal Churches

Hollinhey County PrimarySt James CE Church

Bell Avenue        Sutton


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